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workers, tens of thousands, that will help you navigate obama care, have all your personal information but not have to actually undergo a background check. what could possibly go wrong? i'm in forking me again kelly, "studio b" starts now. >> shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." now it's official, prosecutors indo ited the blade runner, oscar pistorius, for murdering his magazine model girlfriend. context and perspective on his possible future in and out of prison. plus, british police say they're considering new evidence in the death of princess diana. we'll report on the latest claims of a conspiracy on the part of the government. we'll speak live to this 12-year-old girl, who says a black bear mauled her not once but twice. nearly killed her. all while she was on her usual jog. it's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the olympic blade
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runner, as scare pistorius, cried in court as prosecutors indicted him in the murder his magazine model girlfriend. the south african throw it and double amputee wiped away tears as prosecutors laid out their case with new details. they say oscar pistorius intentionally shot and killed his girlfriend back only valentine's day. today's hearing came on what would have been her 30th 30th birthday. oscar pistorius always said her death was on accident. he thought he was shooting an intruder hiding behind the bathroom door. today's indictment goes against the story oscar pistorius gave to investigators. prosecutors cite witnesses who say they heard a woman screaming before the deadly gunshot. the case will now go to trial. but it will not be a jury deciding his fate. instead, under south africa's legal system, single judge will decide whether he is guilty. amy kellogg with the news live
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in london. the indictment calls it an intentional murder. what else are prosecutors claiming? >> that's pretty much the same as premeditated murder and that's what the prosecutiones going for. of course pistorius will be going for something lighter because he said he thought he was shooting an intruder. the prosecuting authority says that is irrelevant because the fact is they believe that pistorius wanted to kill whoever was in the bathroom and the indictment reads, quote, an era -- we heard that reena steenkamp was hiding in the bathroom, and that one of the 107 witnesses called to trial is a former soccer star who has said that pistorius in an argument once threatened to break his legs. >> what was the atmosphere like
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in court? >> the hearing today was very proceed procedural and fast, and according to our producer, who was in the courtroom, he said pistorius tried hard not to make eye contact with anyone else and he huddled with his brother and sister and prayed. he appeared to shed a tear at one point. he blew his nose. he looked paler. >> then 27 very bleak minutes where he was standing there gaunt. he tried to avoid eye contact with everyone, including me, in the courtroom there. i was only about ten feet from him. he was looking down. he was looking white-faced. he was looking tearful. >> as you mentioned, shep, it would have been reena steenkamp's 30th birthday. none of her family members were present at the hearing. they were quietly marking the
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day at their home. trial date is set for march 3rd next year. >> shepard: let's take this to a lawyer, legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, mercedes cohen. ballistics are crucial. >> absolutely. he is claiming, i wasn't on my legs no premeditation here, and when you look at the ballistics it's the trajectory of the bullets. the trajectory is from top to bottom. if you're top to bottom you're not three feet tall shooting into the door. you're six feet door with your prosthetic legs shooting down, which means there was time for him to put on his legs, run to the bathroom, chasing after presumably -- they had some sort of blowout, she is looked behind closes doors and who is going to lock the bathroom. there's two individuals in the house, she and her lover, pistorius, yet she is hiding in the bathroom? it's all coming together and looks leak premeditated murder. >> shepard: his claim is he thought the person in the
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bathroom was an intruder and as a result he didn't take time to put his legs on, he just ran to the door and shot through it, and that is why you're saying the angle of the bullet is going to matter a lot. under this system it's a single judge. that is a whole different way of doing things. >> it's different and, frankly, statistically, only 5% of men that are charged in circumstances like this, where there's murder at the end of violence, of domestic violence, are convicted. what is that saying? maybe there there were jurors there there's such an outcry against him, he would get convicted, but you have one judge, one vote, and we'll see what happens. >> shepard: nothing until march next year? >> 105 witnesses, a lot of discovery. there's not discovery like we have, here we don't have depression oses or get to talk to the individuals but there's exchange of information and witness lists. >> shepard: think he has a chance here of making his claim stick, that this was
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unintentional, he thought it was an intruder in. >> it's interesting, looking at the indictment, they're trying to close in on him. now they even said, even if its an error doesn't take away the point that you did intend to kill the individual, whether it was an intruder or your girlfriend, you intended to skill and you did. so once they remove that, his error in judgment is not play now. >> shepard: thank you. in egypt, a potentially game-changing situation in the deadly crisis there. attorney us now say the ousted dictator, hosni mubarak, a prime target of the first arab spring protest, could walk out of jail within days, a free man. they say they're close to settling one of mubarak's corruption cases, the only case keeping him in jail. a court convicted mubarak and sentenced him to life in prison last year for failing to stop the government's deadly crackdown on protesters. and an appeals court is set to overturn that verdict and now he is awaiting trial.
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until that happens he could get out of prison, essentially on bond, and that could throw yet another wrench in the egypt political turmoil which has grown deadlier by the day. nearly a thousand people reported dead in less than a week as supporters of the deposed president, mohammed morsi, battled in the streets. security forces cleared not one but two protest camps in cairo on wednesday last week and as that unfolded, lawmakers here in the united states are talking about the future of america's partnership with its key middle east ally. the state department warns our $1.3 million in annual military aid could be on the line but today the white house says it has not yet made a decision, and members of both political parties sale the aid needs to stop immediately. not all of them but some. and ed henry is flushing it -- fleshing it out for us. explain this new pressure to cut aid. >> when you mention the possibility of former president mubarak being released from prison there are some analysts
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saying, that's only goal to inflame the muslim brotherhood more, increase the level of violence in egypt. one reason why various republicans, some democrats, and mostly republicans like john mccain and lindsay graham who just came back from egypt at the behest of president obama are now coming back and saying the best card the president has to play is to cut off aid. here's senator mccain. >> we are losing all across the region and one of the reasons is because there's not credibility on the part -- about the united states' actions. >> now, the bottom line is there are other runs, like peter king, saying, look, if you cut off u.s. aid, then the u.s. may end up having even less influence in the region, and while it's not a great situation right now, rushing to cut off aid may not be the answer, shep. >> shepard: what is president obama's role in all of this specifically? >> well, last week he
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interrupted his vacation to briefly come out and say, we were going to end this joint u.s. egyptian military exercise. that had been planned. but he stopped short of saying he'd cut off u.s. aid. interesting today that defense secretary chuck hagel suggested the u.s. has very little influence here. take a listen. >> all ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people. and they're a large, great, sovereign nation, and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. >> now, the white house is planning a big bus tour in upstate new york and pennsylvania at the end of the week where the president wanted to be focusing on the economy some middleless and student loan relief. now these international issues obviously interrupting all of that and overshadowing the agenda. >> shepard: ed, thank you.
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there's a crazy report out of great britain now, claims they death of princess diana was no accident and that the royal family okayed a plot to have british intelligence kill her to keep her silent. why is scotland yard looking into this? and what about a secret diary she may have been keeping? sounds kind of out there, but they're investigating it and we'll look into why. that's next. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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>> shepard: 16 years after a car crash killed princess diana, another raw authorize is making sensational claims it was all part of a plot. princess diwanted to destroy prince charles about his sex life so an intelligence unit launched a hit on her. these were revelations that would have come out in some secret diary. the author and an investigator,
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alan power, made the comments to the new york post newspaper and has written a book about his claims. conspiracy theories emerged almost immediately after the crash in paris in 1997 when her driver reportedly swerved to avoid the paparazzi and their car smashed into a pillar and then into a tunnel wall. diana, her companion ask the driver all died. but police in great britain said they are indeed considering newly uncovered evidence. the author says that secret -- its intelligence unit deliberately sent someone to drive ahead of diana's cars and then shine a strobe light into the eyes of the driver and cause the crash. julie, these conspiracy theories have been around forever. i think they spent 10 million pounds knocking them down in the day. >> not the first conspiracy theory and won't be the last.
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regardless whether there's any truth, scotland yard ising anding the newly found information. officials are being tight-lipped about giving out much information about the estranged inlawyers of a soldier report -- reportedly sent a letter and in it suggest the soldier --ed to dodiys father has maintained it was the royal family who ordered british secret service to kill diana and his son to prevent her from marying a muslim. a spokesman for mr. al-fayed says, quote, has no comment but notes the police statement it is investigating. he trusts their investigation will be thorough and awaits the outcome with interest. scotland yard stresses this is not a reinvestigation into the death. the royal family is not commenting, shep. >> shepard: this is a whan who has been involved in a court-martial, making these claims.
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but there have been so many claims. >> there have. the conspiracies are nothing new, especially surrounding the anniversary of the death. some say prince fill -- phillip had wanted to kill her because she was pregnant. and there was a claim that the seatbelt was -- >> shepard: the trial of a teenager accused of shooting to death a toddler in a stroller right between the eyes, is now underway in georgia. it's taking place hundreds of miles away from where the crime happened. and there's word now that the defense may try to blame the baby's mother. this is the suspect on the screen. but the defense may try to blame the mom. we'll get a live report and
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legal analysis and that's next. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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>> shepard: jury selection has begun today in the trial of the teenager accused of shooting and killing a baby as the child's mother was pushing him in a stroller. prosecutors say 18-year-old man seen here, and an accomplice, tried to rob the mother on the street in march. we covered the story at the time. the baby's mom says she told the would-be robbers she didn't have any money. prosecutors say that's when they shot the baby in the head, between the eyes, the local ares are reporting. a 13-month-old child. a single bullet. police also say the teenager shot the mother in the leg. another bullet grazees her ear. now the mother of the teen suspect is also set to stand trial herself at the same time
12:21 pm
as her son. the mother and his sister are accused of helping ditch the murder weapon. police say they found the gun in a nearby pond. defense attorneys say police have the story all wrong. they're expected to somehow try to pin the killings on the infant's mother. the motive, they say, money. defense attorneys claim she jumped in to cash in on the baby's life insurance policy in the days immediately after the killing. the case has also drawn so much tapings that the judge moved the trial to a suburb of atlanta 300 miles away. jonathan is in the atlanta newsroom. what do we know about the jury pool here? >> the defense is already taking issue with the racial makeup of the jury pool. of the 48 prospective jurors there are only three african-americans, all of them females. black males. there should be at least seven african-americans in the pool, and they say this is important in a trial involving a black man
12:22 pm
accused of killing a white baby. the judge denied the defense's motion to reconsider the jury pool, saying the law allows for random jury selection, and that is what they got with this pool of prospective jurors. >> shepard: hon of this do we expect to hear of the trial? >> the mother of the baby, says she has no doubt that elkins is the one who shot her 1-month-old baby, and the defendant's mother, is also on trial on charges of making false statements and tempering with evidence. a 14-year-old alleged accomplice scheduled for a separate trial is expected to testify in this trial on behalf of the prosecution. however, demarquis elkins and insists her nephew cannot be the shooter because he was at her home at the time of the crime. the lead attorney is suggesting the baby's mother has given inconsistent statements and brings up the life insurance policy she took out on the baby.
12:23 pm
shep. >> shepard: jonathan, thanks. get more on the case. mercedes is back with us. defense is going to try to blame the mom. >> unbelievable. muddy the waters. if there's money at issue, a life insurance policy. here's the rub. the life insurance policy may be whole life which means they can take a loan out on it, may help pay for college. just the fact there's life insurance, doesn't mean it actually gets funded after the death of someone. so that's going to be the rub from their side. >> shepard: we covered this story because it was just unbelievable that she said she didn't have any money, so the story goes, this man took a gun, put it directly between a 13-month-old child's eyes, and fired the trigger, and unless there's some sort of evidence we don't know about, the defense attorneys are talking about inconsistent statements. >> unbelievable. an accomplice says he is the shooter. number two the murder weapon that the mother tried to hide and throw it in the pond. all of this is all looking to
12:24 pm
elkins as the killer of the baby. the fact that the judge moved that case, it's extraordinary. you don't get change of venue generally. the fact they did obviously the judge was so concerned about the jury coming and convicting him without giving him a fair trial. the jury makeup is not great for him. >> shepard: is this push on the defense's part to claim the mom -- the mother of the child did it, could that be some sort of push for a settlement? in an effort to keep her from having to go through this? i don't understand the logic. >> i'm really surprised this wasn't pled out. the death sentence is off the table. he was 17 so cooperate be put -- couldn't be put to death. they thought, let's muddy the waters, he is 18 years old but this could blow up in their face. a dominantly caucasian jury pool, a baby, so there's some
12:25 pm
racial issues that can come up and be problematic for elkins. >> shepard: if these claims are preposterous and outlandish and the defense attorney is trying to blame the victim's mother, there's nothing you can do. >> great point. they can say whatever they want to say. they can -- it's all protected, as long as it's in the courtroom. >> shepard: thanks. more secrets about our government surveillance tactics could soon become public. we'll explain who is behind the new threats and it's not ed snowden. the trial of the accused fort hood shooter, we'll explain why the judge has just blocked prosecutors from calling not one but several new witnesses to the stand. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on "studio b." ? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food.
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>> shepard: it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a new threat to release top secret information on the government's surveillance programs-this time it's knock from the nsa leaker ed snowden. instead from the journalist two first published ed snowden's leaks. that journalist is glenn greenwald and he has vowed to release more government secrets after british authorities yesterday detained his partner for nine hours of interrogation. you can see greenwald here with her pastner on the left. it happened at london's heathrow
12:30 pm
airport. they used anti-terror laws to hold the partner for questionings, seizing his laptop, cell phone, and memory sticks. glenn greenwald said it's intended to keep him from spilling more secrets and in response he said britain will be sorry and, quote, i will be far more aggressive in my reporting from now. i am going to publish many more documents. i am going to publish things on england, too. ed snowden gave the journalist between 15 and 20,000 secret documents, documents that reveal how national security agency keeps tabs on our phone calls and e-mails. i spoke with greenwald last month and asked him about the document that he has not yet released. >> some of these documents are complicated. some take reporting. but we have concealed a lot of the documents that he gave to us, at his request, because we want to be responsible. want to inform the public and not harm national security and disclosing things that shouldn't
12:31 pm
be disclosed. help -- >> shepard: the washington post-released thousands of violations against innocent americans that left private conversations in the hand of our government. catherine herridge, what are we hearing on this matter from the white house if anything? >> while the white house denied any involvement in the detention of the partner, the obama administration knew about the controversial move in advance. >> there was a heads-up provided by the british government. so this is something that we had an indication was likely to occur, but it's not something we requested. and it's something that was done specifically by the british law enforcement officials. >> both the white house and state department were push today to explain whether they would get access to the compute ore storage devices, and they offered no information.
12:32 pm
the white house and state department declined to condemn the incident. >> i don't have anything more for you than i just conveyed. >> the statue miranda was held are in at the airport is used very seldomly, and is typically only used for people who are transiting through the uk and most are only held, collaring to the aclu, for an hour or less and he was held nine hours. >> there are efforts here at home to block that. >> republican senator james inhofe, of the armed services committee, confirming he will support an investigation into the nsa programs. another republican whose amendment to block the collection of americans' phone record was nearly defeat before the august recess and now says he has the support to try again. >> i certainly heard from a number of my colleagues directly and through the media, that they feel differently about the
12:33 pm
amendment now that -- if they had a second chance, they might have voted yes. >> according to the aclu, who we spoke with a half hour ago there are now 20 pieces of legislation being considered to -- to reign in the nsa. >> shepard: it admit it did orchestrate a major turning point for the also martinez of iran and the overthrow in 1953 and did so, the fbi, as an act of u.s. foreign policy. cia's role has been kind of an open secret. i said fbi. i meant cia. president obama and clinton have acknowledged the u.s. did take part in the operation, which involved public demonstrations and handing out bribes to iran's parliament. that prime minister had nationalized iran's oil industry, deepening tensions with great britain, our ally. the coupe helped spark the
12:34 pm
antiamerican sentiment which culminated ited with the iran hosage crisis and the cia may have chosen to keep quiet in order to protect britain last week the cia ac acknowledged for the first time the area 51, the secret spy plane program. now the trial over the accused gunman in the fort hood massacre. the judge blocked prosecutors from calling several witnesses whom they planned to use to explain the motive of major hasan. prosecutors say he was interested in jihad. hasan admitted to switching sides in america's war with islam. the prosecutors say they expect to rest their case against major hasan today or tomorrow. remember, he is accused of killing 13 people, oning more than 30 more, during a shooting spree in 2009. the judge today told prosecutors they cannot reference a muslim u.s. soldier whom a court sentenced to death for attacking
12:35 pm
american troops in kuwait at the start of the 2003 invasion of iraq. casey siegel is love -- live at fort hood. what else did the judge block and why? >> the prosecution hoped to introduce elements from something known as the grand rounds presentation, something hat happened at walter reed medical center, two years prior to the attacks here at fort hood. the presentation is in front of other army daughters and is a requirement for a student to complete their residency. major hasan is a psychiatrist. well in that power point presentation, hasan discussed things like suicide bombings, extremist interpretations of the koran, and muslims fighting in muslim countries. now the prosecutors cannot use that. the judge said, quote, that was too remote in time and could be misinterpreted, end quote. also blocked, has zap's alleged e-mail exchangeses with al awaka, a recruiter for al qaeda.
12:36 pm
the judge said this was to avoid confusion between motive and the defense of other strategy hasan planned on using. >> shepard: how are victim family members reacting. >> they say they're bewildered but it's important to point out that even without this evidence, without these witnesses, the prosecution has successfully established motive and bits of terrorism have been sprinkled throughout the court-martial. >> from a pure evidence standpoint, the volume of fire is probative or tends to prove that this was not an uncalculated killing. series of killings. this was planned. >> we are told the jury or panel is likely to get this case at some point this week to begin deliberations. >> shepard: 'thanks.
12:37 pm
continuing coverage of the deadly mess in egypt now. we reported earlier in this hour how the former dictator, hosni mubarak, could walk out off jail within days. this comes as suspected islamist militants ambushed and killed two dozen egyptian police officers today. on a the sinai peninsula, which links egypt and sal, that's the spot writ happened and brings the death toll close to 1,000 people since last wednesday. that's when the military cleared two protest camps in cairo and supporters ofammed morsi fought back. now american lawmakes are demanding the u.s. cut off aid to egypt. in the white house has not yet made a decision but is evaluating the best security going forward. >> with us now, ab stoddard. >> good afternoon. >> shepard: mixed opinions even
12:38 pm
went the two separate plate parties what to do with the aid. >> when you heard secretary haigle and others basically admitting these last few days that we have really lost our leverage in that region, particularly in egypt, it's a very difficult position for the administration because there are strategic interests for us by keeping the aid, retaining the aid, the military aid to egypt, because that is something that the israelis, our ally, is -- the israelis are urging us to do. we have an interest in our access to the suez canal and egyptian air space. there's an effort to use the aid, even if they pretend there's conditions to try to increase leverage with the egyptian military to try to retain some calm there. so while you hear the president go out and say, well, this is a
12:39 pm
blood bath and terrible and this can't go on, until we actually see him come out and suspend temporarily or entirely cut off that aid, they're still deliberating whether or not they can try to get back some influence and leverage with the egyptian military by retaining that aid. right now that doesn't look so promising. the military is snubbing openly what the u.s. is saying, but there are many camps in both parties-especially strong allies or israel, who believe the aid has got to continue flowing to the egyptian military. >> the israelis sent a letter to that -- requesting exactly that. there are a lot of questions how effective it will be now given that more than $10 billion have been given by saudi arabia ands no the region, and also this idea of coming down on one side or the other at this standpoint questions about how helpful that would be. >> right. well, look, no president could have anticipated the arab spring
12:40 pm
or had a perfect response, and now that it seems to be imploding or didisintegrating, there's not an easy path for this president or anyone else in his shoes how to pick up the piecees. what president obama is being criticized for is continuing to sort of take reactive delayed half measures that don't make it clear the egyptian people exactly where we are. with holding economic aid but not withholding military aid is trying to have it both ways. if we listen to the rand paul ands no the party who are -- in the republican party who say it's time to withdraw all this aid, there's a real question about whether or not, as you said, our other allies replace it, the saudis, uae, the kuwaitis, and we are all of a sudden on another side, on the side perceived to be on the side of the brotherhood. so you can pick on the president for trying to have it both ways, but it's really hard to take a side, especially when you look
12:41 pm
at turkey, and qatar and other nations opposed to the -- what the egyptian military is doing and are trying to work with them on a coalition to respond to the civil war in syria. so no matter what position he takes, it's not going to be a success. >> shepard: difficult diplomacy and politics. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> shepard: fox news has your daily dose of politics every morning. head over to news first. you can enter your e-mail address and we'll send you a rundown of the political headlines straight to your in box. news first. >> a massive wildfire threatening homes in the american west and some of hollywood's biggest stars own some of the homes them fire is bigger than the largest city in colorado. the latest on the effort to put out the flame. that's next.
12:42 pm
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12:45 pm
where. >> shepard: crews battling a big wildfire in a resort area of central idaho where big-name celebrities own homes. local officials report people in 2,000 homes are under evacuation order in the area of ketchum and sun valley and crews contained fewer than 10% of the area. celebrities with homes nearby include tom hanks, steven spielberg, because willis and barbara streisand. the fire as grown to an area larger than thety of denver. a woman 0 who tried to kill herself more than a decade ago says the cops who helped save her are ruining her life. the woman is suing the nypd for $7 million saying the department made details of their suicide attempt public. become in 2001 the then 15-year-old jumped in front of a new york city subway train and survived and the now grown woman spoke with the new york post
12:46 pm
newspaper. he says her survival was a wakeup call. she turned her life around, earned a degree in psychology. according to her lawsuit, at least 39 potential employers have turned her down. she says the reason is, background checks turned up pictures and police reports from that incident i mentioned. the woman filed a lawsuit in queens, new york, supreme court, according to the court papers, she is suing the city and the officers who handled her case. she says the nypd made the records public. they claim both the police department and the city deny. >> a new york police department spokesman said, we do not maintain a medical database. joining us now, attorney vicky. this complicated. >> i think it's ironic your seeing the people that saved you. this to me is -- it's a moral issue. what it comes down is to hipaa. can she prove in her $7 million lawsuit the police actually disclosed medical information improperly. that's the crux of this issue,
12:47 pm
and whether or not she is going -- it's going to be a viable claim. >> shepard: she is talking to people -- she wants wants to bet hired and when they go through background checks -- here's one quote from her. they asked me if i was on crushes or a while -- wheelchair, and quoting again, they told me it's a police report, you were injured, and there's a picture of you at the hospital. there's a picture of you on the tracks. >> and that's the whole key. there was an incident report made by the police department, which is protocol, when they came and fund her on the tracks. the question is what did they disseminated? these are background checks being conducted by prospective employers. how are they getting this information? is this the police, public knowledge? that is going to be how they fix this case and whether or not it's a viable claim, and if they can win or not. i'm not sure. something is not making sense. why would the police department be releasing that information? doesn't make sense to me. >> shepard: police departments
12:48 pm
don't release that. medical information is confidential. but crime scene photos, scene photos, like pictures or somebody on the subway tracks, those are public. >> those are public and she wasn't a victim of a crime. she was actually a willing participant to her own self-inflicted injuries. that's why this doesn't make sense. and this was not a juvenile proceeding where sometimes the minor's record are protected. why didn't she file an application to seal the records initially? she was 15 when this happened. this is 12 years later. she graduated college a few year ago. has a job. she is just saying she can't get certain jobs in her field. so, i don't know. it's a tough road. >> shepard: she says, quote, didn't get a degree to sell mobile phones. she is hoping for a chance. >> whose fault is it she is not getting the jobs? >> shepard: that's the point over the lawsuit. we'll find out. a 12-year-old boy says she thought she was a goner when a bear that weighed several
12:49 pm
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>> shepard: 12-year-old girl shade'd gone out for her regular jog and was on her way home when suddenly there was a black bear on her route. aattacked her on the trail not once but twice. and that time the girl thought she was going to die. that was it. she managed to survive after playing dead. in other words she got attacked and she laid down on the ground, but the bear clawed out two deep gashes on her thighs and one on her lower back. she says it took hours of surgery and nearly 100 stitches to close the wounds. happened last week in cadillac, michigan, north of grand rapids
12:53 pm
grand rapids, and here she is hugging the neighbor who heard her scream and helped rescue her. she is one of at least six people to fall victim to bear attacks here in the united states in just a week. she is abby whetherell. nice to talk to you. >> nice to talk to you, too. >> shepard: you're on your jogging trail and what happened? >> um, i got attacked by a wear. >> shepard: suddenly on the trail? did it come in from the woods? >> they said it was eating blackberries from the -- like in the woods and stuff, but -- then it just came out of nowhere, and i -- it just came out and attacked me. >> did you see the animal coming at you? was it behind you, beside you? >> if saw it coming at me from the woods. >> shepard: i don't know what one does when one sees a bear coming. what did you do? >> well, i screamed and i ran the other way.
12:54 pm
>> shepard: when you did, it's my understanding at some point you played dead. >> oh, yeah. that was the second time, though. >> shepard: okay. so, the bear attacks you and then you ran and played dead? >> yeah. >> shepard: then the bear came at you again? >> yep, and -- because i got away, and then i kind of ran, and then it came and got me again. yep. >> shepard: wow. i know your mom was like, what in the world is going on. elizabeth, it's my understanding there was a good samaritan. >> there was. we had a neighbor that was luckily very close by and was able to hear her screams and go to her before she was even able to get home to us. >> shepard: had the bear left by then? >> yes. they said the -- the scary thing they said between the time of the bear -- of our neighbor running to get us the bear had actually come back and was standing five years behind abby. but luckily with all the screaming and commotion the bear decided it was time to take off.
12:55 pm
>> there are bears about where you live? >> we see bears occasionally, see them crossing the road. in their garbage or things like that. we haven't seen any in our general vicinity. >> shepard: attacking is another matter. elizabeth, man so glad she is okay. abbie, nice to take to you. >> nice to talk to you, too. >> shepard: take care. >> thank you. >> shepard: get well now. >> i will. thank you. >> shepard: just in to fox news. it appears that authorities have found a man dead at olivia new ton john's home in florida. apparently they were contractors working on the home. olivia new ton-john and her husband were not home. in fact i'm not sure there year-round but there were said to be workers inside. may have been a suicide. authorities are investigating. they were about to sell the home, according to real estate notes there, to rosie o'donnell who just sold her miami beach
12:56 pm
home for 12 million bucks. so a man found deceased at the scene. jupiter police are investigating some will have more as it comes in. and we'll be right back with the story of the capture of a wedding with drone.
12:57 pm
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with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. >> shepard: then there's this. drone are everywhere, on the battlefield, over your back yard, and apparently at weddings. at one groom just found out, that's not always such a good thing. the wedding photographer attached a camera to a drone and -- oops. it was going to be a really fancy series of shots. instead it hit the side of the groom's head. all was going well until the drone pilot lost control and slam it into the groom's face. we're told the groom was a good sport. the photographer says he is awaiting his trial for wedding war crimes. oh, that will come in 15 years. >> okay, the dow is off 65 on the day, but it's a monday in
1:00 pm
august. the volume is low. we'll be fine. here's the final bell. neil cavuto will bring you context and perspective. i'll see you tonight. until then, have a great afternoon. >> neil: back at work and back to pitching what the president says has worked. not health care. not the irs. not the nsa. it has something to do with where you keep your money, and the president says, you're not only better off for it, you're safer for it and richer for it. believe it. bank on it. so why are so many doubting it? >> neil: welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. dodd frank might not roll off the tongue but the president says the financial law has stopped banks from rolling you in headaches, in corruption in everything but these, because whether

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